Few words about Novak Automation and our CD, DVD, Cosmetics, Jewelry and Pharmaceutical overwrapping machines.
Novak Automation is a Ukraine based company, with more than 15 years experience in semi-automatic and automatic packaging equipment.. Two years ago they redesign the overwrapping machines for foreign markets. They were completely rebuilt to fit European and American customer demands.

Delta 200 - Manual

Delta 300 Simi-Automatic

Supplies For Delta and Verity Overwrapper

Yes, faster. With our equipment you are able to save more time. Others promise you a high output but if you look at their promotional videos and check how many seconds it takes to wrap one case, and then calculate the real speed of wrapping you will see that it is under 150-180 cases per hour. After doing that watch our video, compare the difference and realize how much time you will lose if you buy something else!

Yes, less expensive. Compare the price of our manual overwrapper (Delta200) with the Dupco machine and of our semiautomatic overwrapper (Delta300) with the Verity Systems VS4000. Feel the difference. Also, while others use pre-cut film sheets, all our machines work with packaging film in rolls that costs few times less per one case! This means you save money with every overwrapped case, Day by Day!

Innovative. All of our overwrappers are able to process both CD and DVD cases with the same machine! It takes only 2-3 minutes to replace roll of packaging film and start working with another type of case. All other overwrappers work only with one case type. And only our manual and semiautomatic machines can apply 搕ear-tape?for easy opening of CD/DVD cases (check EQUIPMENT page).

Delta200W: Wide manual overwrapping machine for CDs and DVDs, cosmetics, jewelry and pharmaceutical boxes!


And the most important thing!
Overwrapping quality:
our machines provide very tight packaging, high quality folds and seals, just look at the pictures below.


Testimonials from our customers:

 "I bought this overwrapper and it is very well built from a physically speaking, very solid and professional. I haven't ever owned an overwrapper so I don't have experience with competing products but Novak's product was competitively priced so I went with his product." Jason H.


"Hi, I did purchase an overwrapper from this company and I am very happy with it. It works well and the price was much better than anything else out there. I highly recommend this product. Thanks." Gabriel W.


"Its a very good unit. We have a record label and have wrapped thousands of cds with that machine. We've had the machine for about 4-5 months, and have used 3 big wrapping rolls already. I recommend getting it. It's a much better alternative than the other machine where you slide the cd through the top and it's much faster than anything out there. If you want to be fast on it, it takes a few days to get use to the wrapping of the cds." Eva C.


"Thank you for asking. I highly recommend the Novak Automation overwrapper?The item was exactly as described and the crate and packing was excellent匢 will buy another overwrapper from him again soon. I will be pleased to recommend this company to anyone. Good quality product. Very good value." Dennis S .

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